Agricultural Drone

descriotion It is a drone project with a network of smart sensors for gas detection and air quality analysis in urban areas. These sensors are sensitive, selective and have a fast response time. The manufacturing technology is based on microelectronic “CMOS” technology with nanostructured sensitive materials supported on chips. This sensor network will be integrated
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Smart house

description The project consists of a home automation system for real-time monitoring and surveillance of the house, making it safe from fire, gas leaks and theft. A mobile application to remotely control the system by visualizing in real time the data of sensors and home automation equipment Problem How to increase the level of
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Industrial monitoring robot menu of a multi gas sensor

description The aim of this project was the development of an autonomous remote control gas leak detection and localization robot capable of analyzing the measured data and performing inspections with automated and risk-free monitoring. to react to problems independently. Problem How to reduce leakage of dangerous and tedious gases in industries? solution – Recognition
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description First of all, when we say Ibreath, we are talking about intelligent and not electronic nose that is able to simulate the real capacity of the human nose and beyond. Also allows the detection and localization of gas leaks by remote control, to analyze the measured data and to carry out inspections with automated
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