Business Service


Services Personnalisés

1- Consulting and Mentoring

  • Early Stage Startup Starter Kit
  • One-Hour Conference Call
  • Incorporate A Business
  • Executive Summary Review and Critique (2 pages)
  • Complete Investor Financing Readiness Review & Critics
  • Both of the above together at the same time.
  • Full Business Plan Review and Critique
  • Patent Search Service
  • Market Analysis Service
  • Develop a Business Plan
  • Develop a Financial Model
  • Develop an Investor Presentation
  • Develop Executive Summary
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Executive Mentoring

Transform an idea into an innovative service or process product (roadmap):

A. Measure the stakes and risks to drive the realization of this idea in the long term: Technical feasibility study

B. Better circumscribe the

  a. technology and uses,

  b. market,

  c. marketing.

C. Financial arrangements: terms and financing file

D. Technical: technical partners, (R & D, subcontractors)

E. Managers: planning and follow-up of the project editing process

F. Legal: Collaboration Agreement, Services, Protection

G. To accompany you and benefit from an external perspective: Strategic advice.

Transform your idea into a project:

– Describe the idea with a feasibility diagnosis.

– Circumscribe issues and risks.

– Enter the project in an action plan logic with a progress schedule.

Define the key steps for effective monitoring:

– Identify strengths and weaknesses.

– Identify the needs and resources needed.

– Organize the progress of the project in key stages and set measurement indicators.

– Make a balance at the end of the course.

2- Creation and Protection

• IP consulting
• Registration of patents and copyrights
• Legal Creation

  • 6 months
  • Prototype Business Plan
  • Team
  • Market test
  • Promotion
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