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IBreath is a project in the genre, mobile, web and electronic applications for the real world. This invention is dedicated to the handicap “DysoSmie”.

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Agricol Drone

Design of a remotely controlled agricultural drone whose mission will be to improve farm performance and reduce costs. (water, electricity, fertilizer, stock, loss of goods …) to monitor the pastures and to help veterinary interventions in case of problems.

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Robot de surveillance

The objective of this project is the development of an autonomous robot for the detection and localization of gas leaks by remote control, capable of analyzing the measured data and performing inspections with automated and risk-free monitoring, as well as to provide psychological reassurance to employees

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The project consists of creating a control box to control the health conditions of its inhabitants.

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Smart House

Implement and commercialize an autonomous surveillance system and remote control of any type of housing by ensuring a high level of security Independent control of energy consumption

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