innovation Services

SME Innovation: Improve Your Innovation Processes By Offering, Customer, Project

Innovation Strategy

– Identify new markets or areas of application for an innovation

– Offer new products / services to existing markets

– Qualify a portfolio of ideas

– Diversify into new markets, with new products …

marketing project

– Detect new needs with customers

– Work on listening to customers to test, qualify, validate an idea, a concept, an offer

– Define the marketing of an innovative offer (segmentation, targets, positioning, com)

Management of an innovative project

– Identify the risks and critical points of an innovative project and secure its progress

– to be guided on the various stages of an ambitious innovative project and to make its success more reliable

– Build skills in the management of innovative projects

Innovation Consulting Offer

Industrial Property: Valuing a
technical know-how


-Protect your results from investments in

new offer design

– Secure your industrial and commercial activity

– Generate additional sources of income

– Regulate relations with your partners (customers,

suppliers, co-development, …)

– Develop knowledge and ensure a watch

technological and competitive

– Study the freedom of exploitation of your projects

– Enhance your know-how and develop your reputation

– Motivate your employees


– Needs assessment and recommendations on a

precise problematic

– Securing sources of IP: in the context

inventions of employees, student internships, external services

– Secret management: awareness of internal teams and presentation of specific tools

– Valorisation of the distinctive signs: identity of

the company, brand strategy

– Database Research Methodology


– Expert search: identification, connection and

financing (patent, extensions, legal fees, licenses)

open innovation day

Offered services

– Promote their premature projects and profiles to ecosystem actors


– Access to companies operating in the same sector

– Access to potential candidates

– Branding

– Access to start-up and carriers

1- Prospecting: Open Innovation Day Thematic By University
2- Evaluation and Selection (Pre-Selection for OID)

Offered services

– An evaluation report of the project’s innovation: diagnosis of project innovation and recommendations

-Branding: visibility through a stand

-An evaluation report of the project’s innovation: diagnosis of project innovation and strategic recommendations

– Branding: brand awareness and branding

-An evaluation report of the project’s innovation: diagnosis of project innovation

Offered Services​

– Meet potential investors and marketing customers of their projects

– Promotion, B2B / output: commercialized products

– Promotion, B2B 

3- D-Day
4- Tracking

Offered services

– Incubation program

– Commercial support / strategic consulting / commercial acceleration

– Consulting