technology transfer

Exploitation contract negotiation

In order to optimize the valorization and exploitation of a technology, U-Accelerator offers contractual arrangements adapted to the business model and development plan of the industrial partners while taking into account the requirements and licensing policies of its customers: granting of rights on an exclusive basis or not, on all fields of exploitation or on a specific field, with the right to sub-license or not, with financial conditions based on royalties, lump sum, guaranteed minimum annual royalties payments and the contribution to the Industrial Property expenses.

Technology Scooting

A key benefit of the Technology Search is that it can be conducted anonymously for companies that don’t want to tip their hand about the direction they’re headed. The Technology Search has other benefits including:

  • Gives you a portfolio of options for moving forward
  • Addresses R&D gaps quickly and efficiently
  • Identifies new knowledge and expertise
  • Broadens your network of innovation partners

Exploitation contract management

After signing exploitation contracts, U-Accelerator verifies the enforcement of contractual clauses, follows the development and exploitation of the technologies for which rights have been granted, notifies the owner of potential disagreements before conflicts occur, and attempts to resolve disputes and negotiates solutions that satisfy both parties.

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