Startup Portfolio

Startup Portfolio U-Accelerator is dedicated to Startups, SMEs and industrial clusters with innovation solutions want to speed up access to local and international markets through commercialization and partnership development. Register For diagnostic you want to develop your business or solve a specific problem Our innovation team will help you diagnosis your needs and plan your
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Project Portfolio

Project portfolio IBreath IBreath is an Internet of Things (IoT) project that consists of a set of mobile, web and electronic applications that focus on the theme of e-health, dedicated to disability « dysosmia » also called a smell disorder. to help people with this disability and to warn them in case of danger. Smart house Smart
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Cooperation Opportunities

SERVICES OFFRED TO START-UPS , COMPANIES AND RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS INNOVATION AND R&D SUPPORT SERVICES Identification and contact with:  Outsourcing,  Supplier,  Technological competence,   Assistance services and support for the initiation of a Start-up,  Financing,  Partner, Customar,  Creation of  a competence group for an innovative project or collaborative project Make an appointment to take advantage of our
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