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IBreath is an Internet of Things (IoT) project that consists of a set of mobile, web and electronic applications that focus on the theme of e-health, dedicated to disability « dysosmia » also called a smell disorder. to help people with this disability and to warn them in case of danger.

Smart house is a software platform for visualization of acquired data from different remote sensors installed and interacts with the various alerts trigger and control the various devices and ensure security.

Design of a remotely controlled agricultural drone whose mission will be to improve farm performance and reduce costs (water, electricity, fertilizer, stock, loss of goods …) to monitor the pastures and to help veterinary interventions in case of problems.

The aim of this project was the development of an autonomous remote control gas leak detection and localization robot capable of analyzing the measured data and performing inspections with automated and risk-free monitoring to react to problems independently.

The objective is to set up a software platform allowing the visualization of the acquired data of the various sensors installed at a distance and to interact with the various alarms to trigger and control the various peripherals and to guarantee the safety

Thanks to a simple tattoo and an electronic circuit, we have developed a sensor capable of calculating the alcohol content in the blood with speed and precision. A device that is more reliable than the breathalyzer and less invasive than the blood test.

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