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U-Accelerator streamlines matchmaking for experts with technology providers, fostering seamless collaboration and innovation with tailored tools and features.

U-Accelerator streamlines the matchmaking process for experts and technology providers, facilitating seamless collaboration and innovation. Our platform offers a variety of tools and features tailored to enhance the expert experience, including flexible scheduling and specialized appointment types. Leveraging our work experience in delivering services from technical assessments to business advisory and training management, we ensure comprehensive support.

Key features

Flexible Booking

Schedule meetings at your convenience, ensuring flexibility and ease of planning.

Custom Workstations

Choose the workstation that best suits your needs and preferences for optimal productivity.

Diverse Appointment Types

Select from specific appointment types based on your needs, including support, consulting, project diagnosis, and matchmaking.

Mode of Intervention

Select the urgency of the requested intervention—normal, rapid, or urgent—to address time-sensitive needs.

Dashboard Management

Access a dashboard to efficiently manage your appointments and track your engagements.

Professional Experts

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